Changing the way care is delivered will take time and dedication from all partners.

The Ontario Health Team was designed to coordinate the delivery of supports for teams at all stages. These changes will strengthen local services, making it easier for patients to navigate the system and transition between physicians and other healthcare providers.

Benefits of Joining the OHT as a Physician

Improving Physician Experience

OHTs will work to address common practice challenges primary care physicians experience using digital enablers.

Enhance Patient Care

Bringing physicians and other interdisciplinary health care providers together will reduce silos, foster stronger communication and contribute to better patient outcomes through efficient sharing of patient data and coordinated care delivery.

Relationship Building

Joining the OHT will provide you with access to a network of family physicians and help you develop stronger relationships with specialist physicians and interprofessional primary care physicians in Western York Region.

Having a Voice in Integrated Care

Primary care physicians will be able to provide input at leadership tables to influence how care integrated care is delivered in our region.

Opportunity To Grow

You will have access to more opportunities for learning and leadership development.

Our Partners

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